May 11, 2015

Why we are beyond Thread-Count

Part 2: so if not thread-count, what makes our bed linen special? While the thread-count of our bed linen is high, we don’t publish it because it is a meaningless measure, as explained in part 1.  So let us explain what it really is that makes our bed linen sheets so special: The quality of a product starts with the raw materials used in its production.  We at Christian Fischbacher use only the highest-quality certified Egyptian and Supima long-staple cotton to produce the yarns with which our bed linen is woven. There are many types of cotton, a shrub planted in subtropical regions all around the world.  The Egyptian cotton plant produces a cotton flower with especially long staples, the fibres which are spun into a cotton yarn.  A cotton fibre is considered long-staple when it is longer than 3 cm or about 1.2 inches.  The fibres used for the production of the yarns going into a Christian Fischbacher bed linen fabric are all extra-long staple, which is more than 3.5cm or 1.5 inches.  But this is not all: after the harvest, the cotton is carefully cleaned and brushed, before it is spun into a top-quality yarn.  We then weave these yarns into a fabric using the so-called “Swiss satin construction”, a special weaving construction invented in Switzerland that makes our satin softer and lighter than any other satin fabric and gives it its beautiful lustre. Once the fabric is woven, we send it to our expert dyeing and printing partners in Switzerland, with whom we have worked for over 100 years.  The quality of our printing is unsurpassed. Look for the details: notice how many colours we use to draw a flower, and how finely it is designed, as if hand-drawn with a very fine brush.  This is the art of printing at its highest level. When we receive the finished fabric, we send it to our sewing atelier where, one by one, we carefully sew your bed linen to your specifications with our typical Swiss passion for quality and attention to detail: every seam is straight, there are no loose threads, every detail is worked to perfection. And this is why your Christian Fischbacher bed linen feels and looks so much better than anything you have tried before.  We took almost 200 years to bring your product to this level of quality.  We hope you will enjoy your Christian Fischbacher bed linen for many years.  It is designed to last; with the right care, you will sleep in it for over a decade.