June 11, 2015

Some facts about CF’s “Crispy Linen” bed linen quality

CRISPY LINEN is the name of our new linen quality, introduced as part of the CF by Christian Fischbacher Summer 2015 collection bed linen collection. Woven in Portugal, this pre-washed linen and cotton mix fabric is exceptionally soft and fresh in feeling. The Crispy Linen quality comes in three different designs in soothing colourways such as Morning Sky (light blue), Oatmeal (beige) and Silver Moon (light grey). The colours are vibrant and last long due to the yarn dying technique used. BEACH BOY and SUMMERTIME are both casual stripe designs inspired by summer nights by the beach and SUNKISS is the name of the matching plain bed linen design. Linen, which has increasingly become a popular fabric for summer sleeping, is made from the fibres of the flax plant, one of the oldest cultivated plants of mankind. Flax is typically sown towards the end April and can be harvested after 12 - 14 weeks. The majority of European flax grows in France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Flax fibres are strong and durable, which is why linen is such a long-lasting fabric. The fibre is also less elastic than other natural fibres such as cotton. That’s why it wrinkles so casually (and why it’s a perfect material for the CF by Christian Fischbacher range). Flax is by nature anti-static, dirt-resistant and antibacterial. It possesses temperature-regulating properties: Linen can absorb as much as 20% of its weight in moisture, before feeling wet and is quick to dry. This makes for an ideal condition for summer sleeping. Click here to view the collection’s Look Book and learn more about the CF by Christian Fischbacher’s new Crispy Linen designs. Cool, comfortable, and fun-filled summer nights await!