November 30, 2014

Home Stories in Welt am Sonntag & Schöner Wohnen

We are pleased to announce our most recent press coverage of Camilla and Michael Fischbacher’s private home, giving a personal glimpse into the interior space of the couple behind the Fischbacher brand. The Fischbacher family moved into their house, built by Michael Fischbacher’s grandfather, in 2008. Read about the luxury Christian Fischbacher interior fabrics and bed linen that are stored in their house. Michael Fischbacher presents one item dating from the 70s. Camilla Fischbacher talks about her philosophy of cocooning in the bedroom and the inspiration behind the new casual easy-care bed linen line, CF by Christian Fischbacher, which as she reveals is very much based on her own family’s lifestyle. Welt am Sonntag Schöner Wohnen