July 3, 2015

A Walk Through Memory Lane: The Garden Party History

It all started about twenty years ago, when a joyful woman painted untold stories that left the viewers in wonder. This woman was always seeking beauty in the everyday life, believing that only what comes from the heart is beautiful. Her colourful, painted motifs led the viewer on regular walks beneath the hot summer sun, with the smell of lavender and the sight of roses and berry branches around. The viewer could also enjoy the colourful diversity of a marketplace, with its lemons, strawberries, kiwis, onions, garlic, and even olives. Such was the foundation of our colourful print collection GARDEN PARTY that, over the years, has established itself as a classic in the interior world. This year, Christian Fischbacher’s designers have given free rein to their imagination, with flowers, fruits, and butterflies lovingly combined. Our love affair with the fauna and flora was given a new life with new qualities and techniques that reflect and reinforce the cheerful message of the popular GARDEN PARTY prints.