July 20, 2020

We are going places with solar energy

Michael Fischbacher, CEO of Christian Fischbacher Co. AG, uses energy generated on the roof of the company’s warehouse on Mövenstrasse in St. Gallen.
The Christian Fischbacher solar power system comprises 267 modules that together generate 73.425 kWh of power. This equates to annual output of 66,700 kWh, which is the amount of electricity required to run 17 households (4,000 kWh per household).
The solar power system was installed in the first half of this year together with the St. Gallen-based specialists solarmotion.

Electricity generated by means of photovoltaics should not be underestimated. For example, there is approximately 200 times more insolation across the whole of Switzerland than is actually needed for all of the country’s electricity consumption. It therefore made sense for the company to invest in its own system in order to make at least a minor contribution to renewable energies – not least because the surface of the roof would otherwise go unused. The electricity generated is now used for the lighting, machinery etc. at the Christian Fischbacher headquarters in St. Gallen. In combination with an investment in the additional insulation of the roof, the system generates up to 100% of the premises’ daily electricity needs, depending on the time of year.

Energy efficiency has also been improved at the Como site, which is Christian Fischbacher’s logistics centre. Clever automated air circulation regulation at the plant means there is no need for an air conditioning system that guzzles energy. A great deal of energy has also been saved by separating the unheated goods warehouse and the business premises.