January 1, 2019

We love Interiors - And this year, we have loved interiors for 200 years!

2019 marks the 200th year of our company’s existence. This makes us the oldest textile editor that is still in the same family! For six generations we have continued our business, with ups and downs, but overall successfully. However, longevity in itself is no achievement for a firm. Rather, what we are proud of is that we have stayed true to ourselves over all this time. Right from the start, in 1819, when our great-great-great grandfather founded the company in St. Gallen, Switzerland, we have focused on high quality textiles, produced for discerning customers world-wide. And to this day, our passion for the best quality in materials and design defines what we do. Running the business in the sixth generation, our brand Christian Fischbacher has become more international than ever and we draw our creative strength and inspiration from so many personal encounters with designers, creators and producers from all over the world.   Christian Fischbacher has perfected the art of textiles with it’s bicentenary collection. The designs symbolize a touch of magic and the opulence of days gone by, whilst also referencing countless textile innovations from throughout the company’s history. The products are made from the finest materials using a wide range of both traditional and innovative manufacturing techniques. Gleaming in gold, silver and metallic shades, they add a mysterious, iridescent lustre to interiors.