September 18, 2017

Velvet: Makes a comeback

The fashions of the past undeservedly gave velvet a somewhat dusty image at odds with modern, pared-down design.

However, now that some of the biggest names in fashion have sent their models onto the catwalk in velvet blazers, coats, dresses and trousers and major interior design exhibitions have showcased this heavy fabric, there can be no doubt that velvet is back. Very much so!

One of the main reasons for its comeback is a phenomenon that trend researchers call cocooning, i.e. curling up at home surrounded by soft and cosy fabrics. We long for texture, structure and warmth in our home furnishings.

Velvet is a perfect fit for this trend. It complements all sorts of styles and gives upholstered furniture of any kind a special elegance. Gorgeous to the touch, it lends itself to both smooth transitions and bold contrasts.

Simple shapes strip velvet of its pathos and give it a contemporary makeover. Velvet looks light and modern in soft colours or pale grey, but that doesn’t mean that it cannot also be used to make a striking statement in your own four walls. If you’re feeling brave, choose mysterious, dark jewel shades like the latest greens, dark blues or peacock turquoise for velvet with the wow factor.

Thanks to its fine pile, velvet makes any colour look luminous and vivid.

Just like in the Renaissance, velvet is now being used for wall coverings, cushions, upholstery and bedspreads. Not confident enough to go for a whole three-piece suite in velvet? Don’t worry: you can still add striking highlights with velvet cushions or a flowing curtain.