March 2, 2017

The family-run company takes a holistic view of interiors

Christian Fischbacher presented its new products for spring/summer 2017 to the general public for the first time at the beginning of the year in Frankfurt, Cologne, Paris and Bern. Shown was an exclusive, innovative range of products with a cosmopolitan spirit which is representative of Christian Fischbacher’s vision of presenting the space as a whole. Now in its sixth generation, the family-run company takes a holistic view of interiors. In line with this ethos, Christian Fischbacher is launching its first lighting collection this year. The global provider of luxury interior fabrics, bed linen, home accessories, carpets, bath textiles, cushions, pillows and duvets strives to systematically evolve the worlds created by its collections, within which the company’s own fabrics are utilised for different areas of life and product categories.   HAUTE COUTURE FOR INTERIORS: DECOR COLLECTIONS 2017 The Urban Luxury decor collection for spring/summer 2017 features opulent, vibrant designs with urban flair along with outstanding craftsmanship and the finest materials. Elegant silk and velvet fabrics are used to give the designs a soft feel. Meanwhile, the Poetic Garden decor collection 2017 reflects a unique mix of urban and rural lifestyles and epitomises Christian Fischbacher’s most exacting design and production standards by combining premium Curtain SO AVANTGARDENING!, bed linen BELLE ÉPOQUE, carpet SAGA natural materials, extensive use of manual craftsmanship and artistic designs. The Collezione Italia once again oozes seductive Mediterranean flair. Designed in the in-house studio in Como and inspired by Italy’s great history of textiles and architecture, these fabrics are perfect for stylish interiors with a Mediterranean feel.   SOPHISTICATED SLEEPING: BED LINEN COLLECTIONS SPRING/SUMMER 2017 Timelessly modern designs made from the finest materials with first-class workmanship characterise the Urban Luxury bed linen collection for spring/summer 2017. The exotic AVANTGARDENING leitmotif embodies Christian Fischbacher’s exceptional design and manufacturing standards. Made in Switzerland using the very finest 105 swiss+cotton sateen printed using 12 screens, this is the most luxurious bed linen imaginable. The Poetic Garden bed linen collection for spring/summer 2017 is a unique, colourful homage to the diversity of Mother Nature: elaborately designed, vibrant prints executed with pinpoint precision and bursting with intense colour represent the perfect design and production which Christian Fischbacher stands for. Photo Credits: Stefan Röhler | modul A - pictures for your image