September 25, 2016

Premium quality – Christian Fischbacher features the swiss+cotton quality seal

Only cotton fabrics bearing the swiss+cotton seal are guaranteed to be made in Switzerland. At Christian Fischbacher, we are one of the few companies in the world to hold the swiss+cotton quality seal. Only products made in Switzerland from the best cotton and fulfilling the highest quality standards are permitted to bear this seal. Only the top 3% of cotton produced worldwide makes it into the manufacturing process. Only extra long staple (ELS) cotton is used for bed linen bearing this seal and is around 40% more durable than standard cotton. From the raw material to the final finishing, it’s all about sustainability: the manufacturing chain is supplied by select members of the swiss+cotton community. The exclusivity of the fibres, coupled with years of Swiss manufacturing experience, guarantee the elegant appearance and silky feel of our textiles.

Experience the exceptional quality for yourself: Our bed linen is characterised by its elegant subtle sheen, its silky feel and its durability.