April 9, 2018

A New Dimension - Christian Fischbacher Wallpapers

Christian Fischbacher is driven by a passion for lasting quality in textile collections. In cooperation with our partner from the Netherlands, Christian Fischbacher has now developed an elegant non-woven wallpaper collection for 2018, which complements its extensive range of existing products. The company is now applying its expertise in the creation of luxury textiles to premium wall coverings. Michael Fischbacher, CEO of the Christian Fischbacher Group, explains: “Wallpaper complements our range perfectly, and it means that our signature style can be brought to life on large surfaces”.

The collection’s subtle colourways, fascinating surfaces and structures invite everyone to discover the world of Christian Fischbacher. Particularly eye-catching elements include the fanciful new designs KOTORI and HAIKU, featuring a host of delicately drawn birds and beautiful flowers. With their panorama of colours and intricate details, patterns from the company’s classic fabrics consisting of elegant designs, plains and faux plains, also create inspiring effects on walls.

Christian Fischbacher’s in-house design team has developed eight varieties of hard-wearing and colour-fast non-woven wallpaper that perfectly complement our decor fabric collections. They consist of a premium backing material – a ‘fleece’ – that is twice the weight of conventional wallpaper. The wallpaper can be removed without leaving any residue, is breathable and maintains its stability even in wet conditions. The top layer of the wallpaper is a textile structure made of compact vinyl that is lightfast, scratch-resistant and easy to maintain. The complex production techniques used for Christian Fischbacher’s wallpapers, as well as their heavy weight, give them an aura of luxury, and characteristics similar to those of natural silk. At the same time, they are easy to handle.

The materials used, coupled with the technical expertise of our partner in the Netherlands, result in wall decorations full of brilliance and depth. The relief-like surfaces of the wallpaper create an interplay of light. Whether you wish to decorate an entire room or create a outstanding wall, the new wallpaper collection brings the boundless creativity of Christian Fischbacher to any surfaces. Discover the collection now.