March 25, 2015

Report: Münchner Stoff Frühling 2015, March 20-23

It was an exciting and successful event at the Münich Stoff Frühling, where we introduced a revolutionary new fabric called ECO FR, celebrated the theme of the year with a Garden Party, and showed our 2015 Urban Luxury and Benu collections—all in one weekend. The highlight of the event revolved around the premier of the innovative fabric, called ECO FR, a fabric made of 100% natural materials that is both biodegradable and flame-retardant. To show the flame-retardant properties of the fabric, we burned the fabric outside of our studio, having some laughs and surprising the audience, in the true Christian Fischbacher spirit. ECO FR is made fire-retardant as a result of molecular modification of the cellulose. This causes the fabric to carbonize, binding oxygen and therefore controlling the flames, without any harmful emissions. Click here to download PDF. Photos from top to bottom: Camilla Fischbacher and Edgar Aumüller show the flame-retardancy of ECO FR; table showing ECO FR samples; Garden Party decoration in showroom; Urban Luxury fabrics 2015; CEO Michael Fischbacher with sales team; Fruits to welcome guests to showroom's Garden Party