April 9, 2019

Milano Design Week

Thank you for visiting us in our temporary Showroom in La Posteria, Via Giuseppe Sacchi, 5/7 Milan


The overhanging flowers, the chirping birds and the faint scent of fresh cut flowers are the first things that you encounter when entering the space. The sight is restricted until you walk past the luxurious gold fabric printed with large stylized flowers INTERFLORAL. You round the corner and enter the fantasy world of NEWTOPIA Wallpaper on the wall. A large lake with islands created by carpets invite you to follow them and explore more. To the left is the urban jungle with tropical plants and the fabric NEWTOPIA as the main feature. A large winding table with upcycled lamps that have been transformed by simply giving them new lamp shades with our fabric. An overlapping theme throughout the exhibition is to find new life for old items that otherwise would be discarded. The lamps, the art work in the library that uses old books and transforms them into an art installation by Gabriela Brunner, and the live performance by the artist Harriet Riddle who uses scraps of fabric to create her portraits, all find new use for old items. To the right of the main hall is yet another room to enter. The Orient is the strong influence in this room and we are greeted by a different scent in the air and the general atmosphere changes as the music with its distinct Persian sound and the floor cushions invite you to rest and take in the videos that are shown on old TVs. On display is the fabric HERITAGE. From there we descend back to the main hall and see a disruptive pile of garbage from PET bottles. This pile is to remind us that if we continue to just use things and throw them away, that we will soon have no place to escape the waste. The bottles are also an explanation of a revolutionary new product using PET bottles BENU TALENT FR. After four years of research the newest BENU fabric is ready to be launched at Salone. As you leave the exhibition you discover one last room, the library which is full of the company’s 200 year history. From family photos and souvenirs of world travel of the many generations, delicate lace and fine prints from the company archives.