September 28, 2019

Giovanni Segantini exhibited in the Kunstmuseum St. Gallen

The exhibition La luce alpina will take place on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Christian Fischbacher and will be an homage to the Otto Fischbacher Giovanni Segantini Foundation. 

The exhibition refelcts the common enthusiasm of Giovanni Segantini and Otto Fischbacher for the mountain wold.

Contemporary artworks will be grouped around the central series of works from the Otto Fischbacher Giovanni Segantini Foundation and other loans from public and private collections. 

Giovanni Segantini (1858–1899) is one of the most important painters of the late nineteenth century. In his paintings he created the image of an existence in harmony with nature. The simple, rural figures are embedded in the eternal cycle of the seasons, of birth, existence, and death. Beginning in 1887, in his Graubünden alpine scenes, the artist meticulously depicted the mountain landscape in allegorical visions of radiant luminosity, as a kind of painterly alternative to the reality of urban life. While Segantini, with his idealistic visions, is considered one of the main representatives of European Symbolism around the fin de siècle, Italian Divisionism, which was greatly influenced by him, shows him to be an innovator of painting.

La luce alpina
28. September - 1. December 2019
Kunstmuseum St. Gallen

Thank you Roland Wäspe und Lorenzo Benedetti