March 31, 2015

ECO FR Pleasantly Surprises the Contract World

  We at Christian Fischbacher are proud to present a revolutionary textile innovation: ECO FR, a fabric 100% made of linen and viscose that is both flame retardant and biodegradable and perfectly suitable for contract. Innovative, patented technology is used to create a natural flame retardant yarn, without the use of any chemical additives. As a result of a molecular modification of the cellulose,  ECO FR became fire retardant.  The modification causes the fabric to carbonize, binding oxygen and therefore controlling the flames, without any harmful emissions. The fibre meets international standards for flame retardancy as well as the most important ecological tests. ECO FR protects naturally against fire. We launched the ECO FR fabric at the Stoff Frühling in Munich. We asked architects to offer us their feedback about ECO FR. Here are some testimonials: "Finally a truly sustainble fabric in B1 quality. Its a very convincing new product development: a fabric that naturally decomposes and leaves nothing behind after usage. - Verena Schiffl, Material Expert and Interior Designer with Ippolito Fleitz Group - "Wow, what an innovation! Flame retardant natural, and perfect for contract projects, a wonderful hand, nice colours and very modern!" - Jörg Schmitt, raumPROBE Stuttgart - "ECO FR: a natural fabric that’s flame retardant, so useful for contract without a doubt. A long sought after product! Christian Fischbacher surprises me again and again!" - Ralph Kellenberger, Creative Director Atelier ESTIMO - "I find it impressive to finally have an interior fabric from organically grown natural fibres that is also flame resistant! Perfect! I hope it will make customers rethink sustainability and that they demand it." - Anita Güpping, Stv. Chief Editor RZ Raum & Ausstattung and Hotel Interior, Winkler Medien Verlag GmbH -