July 11, 2017

Darkening: Dimout & Blackouts

The transparency of modern architecture opens the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces, bringing more light into the room. At the same time, this building style presents increasingly demanding requirements for sensible and efficient darkening, light control and heat and glare protection. Especially in summer, a growing number of buildings are therefore looking for customised, special shading solutions. Adapted to these needs, Christian Fischbacher now offers a new, varied range of darkening materials, so-called dim-out and blackout fabrics. Blackouts are fabrics that guarantee one hundred per cent pitch blackness at any time of day, since their fabric is not permeable to light. This is achieved by adding a special acrylic coating, applied several times, to the back of the fabric. Dim-outs, on the other hand, are constructed from three layers woven onto a thick, black warp. They are therefore equipped with a black, light-trapping core, which blocks out approximately 97 to 99 per cent of light. The woven darkening materials have a softer drop than coated blackout styles. The spectrum of applications for darkening materials is diverse: in private residences, they are often used in nurseries, bedrooms and in living rooms to provide protection from light, the sun and prying eyes. In the living room, darkening fabrics can also be used to create the perfect lighting for TV and home cinema. In nurseries, they create dark conditions for uninterrupted afternoon naps, and are often chosen in fire-retardant versions for safety reasons. These materials are also used in public buildings such as hotels, spa facilities, and hospitals; in the gastronomy sector; in conference centres and meeting rooms and as wall coverings and room dividers for trade fair stands and to ensure glare-free computer screens in the workplace. For such purposes, we offer a wide range of flame-retardant darkening fabrics which carry certification such as B1 and M1. Darkness needn’t be gloomy or unappealing. The Christian Fischbacher dim-out/blackout collection offers fabrics with a varied array of designs and properties. Whether the surface is lightly textured or uniformly smooth; naturally matt, silky or glossy; boasting one-colour elegance or printed – there is a darkening fabric to suit the creative signature style of every interior. The fabrics are available in different widths from 140 to 300 cm. Darkening materials are also often finished as curtains or panel curtains and combined with day or sheer curtains. Below we present the products in our practical, new dim-out/blackout collection: 14541 ARON ARON is an elegant dim-out in a Panama weave. It has a light texture and a sophisticated, glossy finish. The back of the fabric is colour-coordinated. This fabric is 150 cm wide. 100 % PES FR Lightfastness: 4 Tested according EN 13773 14539 ADELE ADELE is a softly lustrous dim-out fabric with a smooth, supple surface that results from its satin weave. Finely shaded yarns give the fabric its blended appearance. ADELE is 150 cm wide; the back of the fabric is colour-coordinated. 100 % PES FR Lightfastness: 4 Tested according EN 13773 14538 ADAM Die matte, natürliche Oberfläche dieses Dimouts wird durch eine leichte Melange im Garn akzentuiert. Gewebt in Leinwandbindung ist ADAM raumhoch und verfügt über eine farblich angepasste Rückseite. 100 % PES FR Lightfastness: 4 Tested according EN 13773 14535 AUSTIN The AUSTIN 100% blackout fabric is characterised by exquisite light reflections and a small pixel design that is created by the floating threads. AUSTIN is 290 cm wide. 100 % PES Lightfastness: 4 Tested according DIN 4102 B1 14537 AUGUSTINA The weave pattern of AUGUSTINA results in a sophisticated texture with a blend that is almost reminiscent of a wool yarn. This blackout fabric is 290 cm wide. 100 % PES with FR-Coating Lichtechtheit: 4 Tested according DIN 4102 B1 14534 ALIBI The easily identifiable Panama weave structure characterises this smooth dim-out fabric. The fabric is 290 cm wide, and the back of the fabric is colour-coordinated. 100 % PES FR Lightfastness: 4 Tested according DIN 4102 B1 14533 AQUILA AQUILA is a glossy shot taffeta complete with blackout coating and having a compact feel. The 290 cm wide fabric exudes elegant luxury. 100 % PES mit FR-Acryl-Beschichtung Lightfastness: 5 Tested according DIN 4102 B1 14543 ARVID Featuring a refined radiance and subtly shaded yarns, this dim-out fabric exhibits a muted blending effect. The fabric is constructed using a Panama weave. ARVID is 298 cm wide. 100 % PES FR Lightfastness: 5 Tested according EN 13773 14544 ADIOS The ADIOS dim-out fabric features a fine weave together with a subtle blended tone. Available in a 150 cm width, ADIOS is highly conducive to restful sleep. The back of the fabric is colour-coordinated. 100 % PES FR Lichtechtheit: 5 Tested according EN 13773 14545 ALRUN This dim-out fabric is characterised by an elegant herringbone pattern, accentuated by a subtle lustre and a muted blended tone. ALRUN is available in a width of 150 cm. 100 % PES FR Lightfastness: 5 Tested according EN 13773 14177 ABLION The floor-to-ceiling blackout, Ablion has a fine, subtle, and glossy sheen. Ablion is best suited as a lining. 100 % PES with FR-Acrylic-Coating Lightfastness: 4 Tested according DIN 4102 B1