May 10, 2017

Create your own

Christian Fischbacher is known for their precise customised designs: the company creates carpets to meet individual tastes and wishes that will perfectly fit in with the look of your home. Of course, we can also create variations on standard designs to meet customer requirements. This is where the Christian Fischbacher team comes in with samples for inspiration, colour palettes and drafts of individual designs that can be tufted by hand on a woven backing material and made to any size. Material: there is a rich range of materials to choose from – Linen Silk Secrets, Merino Treasures and Linen Dreams. Colours: the materials are available in a full range of colours. If your chosen colour is not part of our standard range, we can dye the product especially for you. Carving: there is also the option to choose between bouclé and clipped pile, as well as different pile heights. Depending on the fabric, it is possible to carve out three-dimensional reliefs of between 7 and 14 mm. Finishing: the colour of the backing felt, which is also available as a flame-retardant fabric, can also be chosen freely. Christian Fischbacher can integrate a logo into the design if you wish. Artwork: when placing an order, the customer receives a technical representation of their carpet in the chosen colours alongside the order confirmation in order to approve production. Trial design: upon request, Christian Fischbacher can complete trial designs of the carpet, subject to cost. They are generally available within two to four weeks. Production: the delivery time for your carpet will be around eight to ten weeks. Depending on the size and complexity of the product, this may vary slightly.