February 10, 2020

Boxspring Beds

Nothing beats the feeling of waking up in the morning and snuggling up under your duvet for a moment. Reflecting on the wonderful dream you had last night, it is the ultimate feel-good moment. Welcome to the world of Christian Fischbacher! With our exclusive box-spring beds, you can transform your bedroom into a luxurious oasis of relaxation. The bed you choose should meet your individual needs and expectations perfectly. We can offer you a wide range of wonderful fabrics and different options, all of the very highest quality. Welcome to a place where dreams come true. Sleep well

With their spring bases, box-spring beds offer incomparable comfort when topped with a pocketsprung mattress. They can help you enjoy a comfortable, healthy night’s sleep and are synonymous with rest and relaxation. We are adding a new dimension to this dream world with our exclusive bed designs and luxurious fabrics. Let us show you how you can transform the special space that is your bedroom to create a distinct, personal room which meets the highest standards of quality and design. MOON, STAR, HEAVEN and UNIVERSE are four sources of inspiration, selected and crafted just for you.

Available in select shops in Switzerland and Germany.