Back in autumn 2009, Christian Fischbacher pioneered the idea of recycled textiles by presenting the first BENU©Recycled collection. Since then, the range of high-quality interior fabrics, made from recycled materials, has steadily been expanded. The concept has not become any less relevant – quite the opposite, in fact. Conserving natural resources is becoming more urgent with each passing day.

The collection is named after an ancient Egyptian mythical bird called the benu. Like the Greek phoenix, it burns to be reborn from its ashes. In English, the name is pronounced ‘be new’, making it a fitting choice for our concept. All of the products in the Benu© collection are made from recycled materials using an environmentally friendly manufacturing process, making them truly sustainable. Our Benu© Recycled fabrics have won several awards, including the Red Dot Design Award and the Interior Innovation Award.

Based on their means of production and material, the products in the Benu© collection can be divided roughly into two categories. Benu© PET is a range of polyester products made from recycled PET bottles, while the rest of the items in the Benu© series use new cotton or wool yarns made from discarded textiles and production surpluses from the fashion industry.

Using a unique technological process, yarn is recovered from empty PET bottles and spun into high-quality interior fabrics. The yarn undergoes strict quality checks and is dyed, woven and given the ideal finish for its intended purpose.

As many as seventeen 500 ml bottles are collected, crushed, melted and spun into new polyester continuous filament yarns to make each metre of woven fabric. In addition to transforming simple bottles into high-quality post-consumer polyester, this diverts waste away from landfill. The process used to recover the materials is just as eco-friendly as the fabrics themselves with its low energy consumption and economical use of water in line with the low-VOC emissions standard. Benu© PET interior fabrics therefore meet the intelligent, environmentally friendly criteria of the Cradle to Cradle committee and have even been recognised with the MBDC Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver label.

In 2013, our product Benu Flow won the Red Dot Award. This flowing voile was the first fabric to be made from recycled PET bottles and that also has flame-retardant properties. The fabric is permanently flame-retardant thanks to an environmentally sound additive embedded deep in the fibre.

Using an environmentally friendly process, new yarn is made from discarded textiles and production surpluses from the fashion industry. The material is sorted by colour and shredded. Only the best textile fibres are carded and spun into a new, high-quality yarn.

Below is a brief introduction to all the items currently available in our BENU collection: