June 9, 2017

Benu Oscar as Rollerina

In collaboration with a start up company Rollerina in St. Gallen, the Benu Rollerina, was launched this spring. Camilla Fischbacher developed the foldable Ballerina using the 100% recycled curtain and upholstery material BENU OSCAR: “Practical and ecological…Using recycled polyester decreases our dependence on oil as a source of raw material. It also helps to minimize waste by reducing water irrigation and toxic fumes from incineration. It simply makes sense! I am happy when ever I slip into my BENU-Rollerinas. It’s style with a clear conscience.” (Camilla Fischbacher, Art Director) Since 2008, Christian Fischbacher has been working on further developing the BENU RECYCLED collection, a collection made of recycled materials. The curtains and upholstery fabrics are an expression of the innovative ideas that play an important role in the development of the entire Christian Fischbacher collection. BENU OSCAR, the latest addition to the BENU RECYCLED collection is a fabric made from recycled PET bottles. Disposed bottles are collected, crushed, melted, and then spun into polyester filament yarns. Compared to non-recycled ones, recycled PET bottles save 9/10 of the energy and 2/3 of the water that is usually needed. A fiber additive makes the resulting fabric difficult to ignite. Thus, the recycling process does not lead to any loss in neither quality nor in durability. About 14 large or 38 small PET bottles are recycled for a pair of Rollerina by Camilla Fischbacher shoes. Click here to find more information on the shoes: www.myrollerina.com