July 30, 2015

Behind the Design: Wave

The Christian Fischbacher bed linen design Wave is a woven seersucker. What does this mean?

It means that contrary to most seersucker qualities today, which are created as a result of chemical finishing, the texture of the fabric in our seersucker is made entirely on the weaving machine. During the weaving process, two warp beams are used to process the threads in different strengths. The pastel stripes are woven with a higher tension on the threads, whereas the white stripes are woven more loosely. This interplay gives the seersucker its characteristic, three-dimensional look.

The bed linen design Wave is a new addition to our collection and is an adaptation of one of our already existing classic qualities, called Cloqué, which has long been loved for its relaxed look and easy-care attributes. This bed linen quality requires no ironing and is designed for a relaxed lifestyle.

Producing a seersucker of such high quality requires flair, craftsmanship and profound experience. Everything from the yarn is made in Switzerland. The weaving mill that produces the Cloqué quality draws from more than 200 years of expertise. Located in a historical building in the mountain valley of the canton Glarus in Switzerland, our production partners use the most modern machinery and produce exclusively according to environmentally friendly standards. The energy used for production is gained from their own hydroelectric power station and is 100% renewable.

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