March 9, 2017

Behind the Design: TAUSENDSCHÖN

Dreams of spending the night sleeping in a sea of flowers have now come true: a romantic meadow of flowers blooms on Swiss-produced cotton satin printed with 12 screens – TAUSENDSCHÖN rendered on finest swiss+cotton quality. Illustrated or painted plants, flowers, fruits and seeds spring forth on each of the two background colours available: refreshing white or dark, dramatic blue, in a wide range of styles. The design joins the ranks of popular and successful floral designs from Christian Fischbacher. Inspired by the current millefleurs trend in the world of fashion, the meadow of flowers is sometimes portrayed with realism, and at other times imaginatively – shaded with colouring pencils or watercolours. The auspicious name TAUSENDSCHÖN stands for the Sweet William flower genus, which acted as its namesake and floral model.