January 12, 2018

Behind the Design: KOTORI

The KOTORI design combines Asian and European influences in a colourful print on cotton. Aesthetic concepts from both continents are blended in this sophisticated pattern. The creative team from Christian Fischbacher developed a new combination of different elements from the two cultures in a digital collage.

Back in the 1930s, the passionate globetrotter Otto Fischbacher – Michael Fischbacher’s great-grandfather – toured Africa, Asia and the Middle East, taking diverse keepsakes back to Switzerland with him in the form of pictures, books and textiles. The oldest artefacts in the Japanese collection stored in the company’s archive come from these voyages, which were the inspiration for the KOTORI collectio.

Christian Fischbacher established a subsidiary in Japan in 1971. Today, the collection includes countless drawings and prints of traditional Japanese kimonos, which served as inspiration for the design team, who studied other cultures’ aesthetics and is always on the lookout for fresh inspiration. After Michael Fischbacher took over the management of the Japanese subsidiary in the 1990s, he and Camilla Fischbacher spent five years in Japan with their whole family. This time had a lasting effect on the Fischbachers’ attitude to life and appreciation of design.