August 28, 2017

Behind the Design: FLORALPIN

As your eyes wander over the pattern, you are transported to Alpine fields and meadows. The sun’s rays shine through leaves and flowers. You can almost hear the wings of a bird as it lands on a branch. With its large-scale floral pattern, FLORALPIN from the Christian Fischbacher collections for spring/summer 2017/2018 is a textile homage to the natural beauty of Swiss flora. It is a perfect example of Christian Fischbacher’s extraordinary design and manufacturing standards. All sorts of indigenous plants can be seen burgeoning against a white background, creating a stunning sea of flowers: cornflowers, cherries, redcurrants, anemones, marguerites, plums, rowans, grasses and even animals come together in this lavishly designed pattern. State-of-the-art production methods transform bed linen, decor fabrics and terry products into an artistic means of expression.

The inspiration: Switzerland’s wealth of flora and fauna inspired the design team from Christian Fischbacher to create the FLORALPIN pattern. Time and time again, the designers prove that they are skilled at developing floral patterns which combine traditional and modern elements with Alpine nostalgia. Many people like to find ways of letting Mother Nature into their homes, even if they live in an urban setting. Natural materials such as wood and wicker are featuring more and more heavily in modern interior design. The longing for a rural way of life is even reflected in fashion by means of floral prints, romantic tunics and down-to-earth smocks. Walks through Switzerland’s Alpine landscape heavily influenced the Christian Fischbacher design team’s work on FLORALPIN, along with a sensitive feel for contemporary design trends.

The execution: First of all, colour copies are made of old botanical drawings. Next, blueprint copy paper and a sheet of white paper are placed underneath these copies. A designer then traces over the botanical drawing freely using a ballpoint pen. The result is a carbon copy on the white paper underneath. Enough blue ink is left on this for it to be transferred again onto another piece of white paper simply by pressing down firmly. This copy is more delicate and more fragmented than the original. As a result, there are four versions of each motif: the original drawing, the tracing in ballpoint pen, and the first and second copies. The monochrome, hand-sketched botanical elements are arranged digitally, creating surprising overlaps and giving the floral patterns greater depth. Numerous drawings are made for the FLORALPIN print as part of the ongoing design process. Not all of these make it into the final selection. All of the sketched elements have to work together optimally in terms of their shape, colour, size and style. FLORALPIN is a harmonious example of how the consistent design and quality ethos is applied to all product groups. The challenge lies in meeting the specific demands of each particular product. Although the print makes the same statement across the board, the design is adjusted individually to each product line. For example, new drawings of various botanical motifs are completed for each individual product group and carefully arranged together.

The focus was on achieving the ideal fabric. Thanks to its long-standing working relationship with highly specialised fabric producers, Christian Fischbacher is able to cater precisely for each product’s specific requirements. When creating the FLORALPIN decor fabric, it was very important to choose a producer with expertise in digital inkjet printing on double-width fabric. In addition to this, Christian Fischbacher wanted to offer a coordinating, natural fabric which complemented the collection’s overall look and feel. Using a printing width of 320 cm made it possible to achieve a very large-scale design with a light, modern feel. The hand-drawn pattern gives the fabric a touch of relaxed modernity that is underlined by the twill weave – a technique that is also used in the production of jeans. Environmentally friendly, state-of-the-art inkjet printing is used to transpose the design onto 195 gsm cotton, which is woven and printed in Spain exclusively for Christian Fischbacher.

Christian Fischbacher epitomises superb, unique products that are manufactured in top quality by adhering to the highest production standards and crafted with careful attention to detail. The company’s work is characterised by precise craftsmanship as well as perfection in its design and manufacture. The design team is made up of three permanent designers who constantly work with Art Director Camilla Fischbacher to develop new and inspiring patterns. This enables the brand to produce distinctive products for international, style-conscious customers. Numerous awards, including the Red Dot Design Award and the Interior Innovation Award, have recognised the firm’s endeavours. A strong passion for the product, expertise that has grown out of family tradition and an international design team with creative spirit have proven to be the keys to global success in the textile industry.