May 8, 2015

Art Without Barriers: a Meaningful Collabora­tion with the Italian Charity Arca 88

Christian Fischbacher Italy, in collaboration with the charity Arca 88, brought together five men and five women with disabilities to create the “Unique Collection” of decorative cushions. The result is an inspiring and expressive collection that is testimony to the magical power of art in releasing the creative potential in all of us, regardless of the circumstances. The group was given free reign to use their imaginations as they wished. They worked with various materials such as lace, meshes, wool fibres, combining colours and using different techniques all the way from drawing with brushes to using rollers and sponges. All cushions are labelled with the name of the artists, giving it an even more unique and personalized touch. The cushions will be available during two particular evenings organized by two important Christian Fischbacher dealers (May 8, c/o Pelassa Via dei Mille 12/14 Torino – June 4, c/o Brianzatende Via C.M. Maggi 41/43 Lesmo MB). All proceeds will benefit the non-profit organization Arca 88 who made this experience possible. To learn more about the charity or to make a donation please visit the organization’s website.