May 13, 2020



These technical fabrics boast good protection from glare, UV rays and heat.


  • provides protection from glare by reducing the amount of light entering the room. Some light is reflected by the aluminium side, some is absorbed by the fabric and only a small proportion passes through the material. It is particularly important to minimise glare when working at a computer because less glare and lower contrasts place less strain on the eyess

  • provides protection from UV rays, which are reduced markedly. This protects objects inside from deteriorating and fading.

  • provides protection from thermal radiation passing through the window-pane. ARBATAX II reflects a large proportion of the thermal radiation and can help to prevent the room from heating up so much when twinned with suitable ventilation.

  • provides protection from prying eyes and adds a decorative touch in 32 fashionable colours.

The back is metallised with a thin layer of aluminium to make ARBATAX II a high-performance fabric. A special finish makes this metallised coating more hard-wearing and enhances its resistance to creasing. Nevertheless, moisture, acidic cleaning agents and insect excrement can damage the layer of aluminium and should be removed as quickly as possible using a cloth or a soft brush.

ARBATAX II14281: Solar transmission 20%, solar reflection 44%, light transmission 20%, UV transmission 19%
ARBATAX II14282: Solar transmission 10%, solar reflection 46%, light transmission 10%, UV transmission 9%


REFLECT is a new development from Japan: the pure-white, flame-retardant fabric reflects light and UV rays, thereby reducing the amount of heat which builds up in the room. Previously, it was only possible to add a heat-reducing finish by metallising the fabric with aluminium, which affected the colour and made it impossible to achieve a white material. By contrast, REFLECT has metal oxides embedded in the molecular structure of the yarn, allowing it to remain pure white. Its good washability gives REFLECT another advantage over conventional heat-reflecting fabrics. As well as blocking out heat, REFLECT reduces damaging UV rays, which can cause interior furnishings to fade. SAKURA is ink-jet printed onto REFLECT. The combination of different-sized flowers and levels of definition creates a three-dimensional effect.

REFLECT 14371: Solar transmission 49%, light transmission 49%, UV transmission 24%
SAKURA 14372: Solar transmission 49%, light transmission 49%, UV transmission 24%