March 31, 2021


Three new ANTI HEAT textiles

ANTI HEAT I – III are three new technical textiles which offer protection from glare, UV rays and heat. Reducing incident light is particularly important for screen work because lower levels of glare and contrast are less tiring for the eyes. Thanks to their special metal coating, Christian Fischbacher’s ANTI HEAT fabrics reliably reflect sunlight, thereby reducing glare and light reflections inside the room. The reduction of UV rays prevents color-fading of the interior and the reflecting sun rays provide protection from outside prying eyes.

With their metallic coating, ANTI HEAT textiles help to regulate indoor temperature by repelling UV and infra-red rays. In tests, ANTI HEAT fabrics were shown to reduce indoor temperature by about 2 °C. The application of ANTI HEAT curtains thus increases the efficiency of air conditioning systems and contributes towards lower energy usage.


The field of application is versatile and ranges from offices to public facilities such as museums, clinics and hotels to private living spaces

Christian Fischbacher’s ANTI HEAT fabrics are flame-retardant and fulfil the requirements for use in public buildings. They can thus be used in offices and public places such as museums, clinics and hotels, but also in private homes. The collection complements Christian Fischbacher’s existing portfolio of fabrics which offer protection from glare, UV rays and heat – ARBATAX, REFLECT and SAKURA.

The patented nanotechnology used for the metal coating makes ANTI HEAT fabrics extremely functional. Thanks to the very thin coating the fabrics retain their flexibility and their soft, flowing drape. They are anti-static, meaning they do not attract any dust. And they can easily be laundered in the washing machine.


  • Curtain fabric
  • Glare, UV and heat protection
  • Flameretardant (certifications B1, M1, Classe 1)
  • Ideal for screen work
  • Less glare, less eye fatigue
  • Reflection of sunlight
  • Reduction of glare, mirroring and light reflections
  • No color-fading of the interior thanks to UV protection
  • Privacy screen
  • Reduced energy consumption (air conditioning)
  • Soft flowing
  • Washable
  • Available in 3 colors each
  • Composition: 100% PES
  • Width: 300 cm