March 15, 2021

2021 Collection - Salonga

The 2021 spring collection Salonga is dynamic, colourful and bold. The stunning decorative and upholstery fabrics are named after the Salonga National Park. Africa’s largest tropical rainforest reserve in the centre of the Congo River basin. Salonga’s lush, untouched natural world inspired the design team to create cheerful, expressive patterns. The collection embodies the continents colourful diversity, from its natural beauty to its vibrant cultures. With their strong character, the fabrics invite us on a journey with out having to pack our bags, or leave our homes. The textiles are versatile, and easy to use, with some also being suitable for outdoor use. Hand-painted with lively brush strokes, jungle fauna covers the SALONGA curtain fabric, bringing an exotic flair close enough to touch. Bright wax prints typical of West African clothing also feature in Christian Fischbacher’s bold designs this season, blurring the bound-aries between fashion and interiors. Imaginative patterns are combined with flowing batik structures, while eye-popping colours are twinned with earthy shades in complex layers of shapes, colours and structures. Time and time again, Christian Fischbacher’s refreshing designs play on extremes. Thanks to their versatility, the decorative prints of the hand-painted MANGROVE and POOL designs lend themselves to creative use. The indoor- outdoor fabrics make a statement in pared-down interiors, but they can also be combined with a range of vibrant colours, patterns and structures for a warm, lively interior space.