With CLASH, Christian Fischbacher presents an avant-garde material that is an expression of both manual work and mechanical production expertise. A 70 cm dark stripe, which runs halfway across the width, is transformed via a simple progression into a light background upon which speckles and dots are strewn haphazardly. The latter are applied by hand after weaving while the dark spray-dye stripe is being sprayed on by machine. The yarn for CLASH is made up of an unbleached viscose-linen mix that is used for both warp and weft. The many individual steps needed to produce CLASH give the material its intrinsic value and one-of-a-kind mystique. The pattern repeat appears uniformly distributed over the fabric, but features captivating details rendered with the charming vagueness of hand-drawn illustrations and handcrafted work. The material can also be worked twisted at an angle of 180 degrees, so that a window can be ‘framed’ by the curtain. Once again, Christian Fischbacher has succeeded in developing an innovative, timeless fabric while retaining references to the manual origins of textile production.
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