Design Studio

Passion is our creative fuel. We gain inspiration from nature, art and fashion, and we love to re-interpret traditional ideas in the most innovative techniques of the day. Our designers are experts at weaving, design and coloration and they are known for their passionate attention to detail, evident in all aspects of our creations, from every stripe and ornament down to the fine intricacies of our floral prints. Every idea is carefully thought through to the end.

Our in-house design studio is based in St. Gallen, Switzerland but our inspirations come from all over the world. Our heritage with its artisanal and design traditions handed down over the generations is a continuous source of inspiration. At the same time, we constantly screen the field for the newest ideas and manufacturing techniques. Our sense of tradition combined with our drive to innovate is what makes us who we are – and explains why our design team is considered to be among the most creative in the industry.

The numerous awards that we have won for our interior fabrics, such as the red dot design award and the Interior Innovations Award, offer us great encouragement in our work and confirm our belief in creativity.

Design Philosophy

Our interior fabrics, carpets, bed linen and accessories collections cover a range of styles and, every year, we try something new. Such is the nature of creativity. But some things have remained the same throughout the nearly two centuries of our company’s existence: our commitment to quality. Quality in the materials we use, in the level of design and the extra care and attention to detail we exercise throughout the entire process of creation and production.

Transitional: our team of expert textile designers are inspired by Switzerland’s and Europe’s rich tradition of textile design and manufacturing. Our fabrics are often completely new, contemporary interpretations of old and even ancient designs and textile techniques. We have coined this style “transitional.”

Relaxed Elegance: our interior fabrics and bed linen collections are known for a signature relaxed, yet elegant urban style. Steeped in the European interior design and arts tradition, we believe that an elegantly furnished apartment provides an oasis of style and tranquility that really makes a difference to our customers’ daily well-being and happiness.

Innovative: we strive to be the first worldwide to introduce new ideas, materials and designs. In 2009, we were the first company to introduce a high-end interior fabrics collection entirely made out of recycled materials; we made a concept of the idea, and under the label BENU, we bring out new recycled fabrics every year. In 2013, we were again the first company to introduce a recycled fabric that is also flame-retardant. And in 2015, with ECO FR, we introduced an even more revolutionary concept: a biodegradable flame-retardant fabric that is made out of natural fibres without any chemical additives. We have won many awards for our innovative textiles, such as the red dot design award, the Interior Innovation Award, the German Design Award, and the Innovationspreis Architektur+Textil.

Art Director

Our Art Director Camilla Fischbacher leads the Christian Fischbacher design studio, based in our headquarters in St. Gallen, Switzerland. Together with her team, she determines Christian Fischbacher’s creative style. Camilla’s multicultural background, (she is half Persian and has grown up in Iran and in Switzerland), brings a global perspective to our design team.

Her mix of expertise, creative spirit, and artistic intuition are a force in preserving the authenticity of the Christian Fischbacher brand, ensuring that the collections stay fresh, on trend, and always innovative.