January 1970

Interior Innovation Award

The Interior Innovation Award is an independent, sector-oriented award at the IMM Cologne and is today considered as one of the most renowned design awards in the interior furnishing industry worldwide. The Interior Innovation Award stands for first-class innovative achievements and design for the interior furnishing industry. We won the award for our fabrics Benu Flock, Benu Dot and Macbeth. Benu Flock is the highlight of the Benu Wool group. It repeats and reinforces the modern trademark of the Benu series. The flocked graphic and yet floral looking design is a cool nod to the environmentally aware concept of the Benu Collection. The collection comes in natural tones of cream, browns, and greys, with exciting colour accents brought out in Benu Flock. 145 cm, 5 colours, 50% WO, 40% PES, 5% PA, 5% others Benu Dot is a finely embossed grid pattern. This charming look was created by embossing dots on the recycled base cloth of Benu Wool. Benu Dot is suitable both as a decorative and an upholstery material. 145 cm, 5 colours, 50% WO, 40% PES, 5% PA, 5% others Macbeth is an opulent in-between and gives the impression of having been woven out of pure metal like a chain mail shirt. The honeycomb fabric has a regular, slightly three-dimensional surface. This fascinating textile seduces the eye with its metallic hues of gold, silver and steel combined with white and beige. 147 cm, 5 colours, 86% PES, 14% PA.