March 2011

Innovation Award Architektur + Textil Objekt

The competition for the Innovation Award Architektur + Textil Objekt is held in cooperation with the AIT trade medium. The award is given to textile products and room concepts whose design and technical aspects meet outstanding architectural criteria. The products are on show in a special exhibition during Heimtextil. Benu Flock is the highlight of the Benu Wool group. It repeats and reinforces the modern trademark of the Benu series. The flocked graphic and yet floral looking design is a cool nod to the environmentally aware concept of the Benu collection. The collection comes in natural tones of cream, browns, and greys, with exciting colour accents brought out in Benu Flock. 145 cm, 5 colours, 50% WO, 40% PES, 5% PA, 5% others Benu PET: In a pioneering technological process empty PET bottles are transformed into yarns. A strict quality check controls the production of yarns. Only the best yarns will be colored, woven, and finally, in accordance with their designated function, finished. The surprising result is a recycled polyester yarn of the finest quality. The Christian Fischbacher Benu PET fabrics are further treated with a special, ecologically sound NanoTex finishing, which provides a unique hydrophobic surface. This makes the fabrics moisture and stain resistant. Made of 100% PET bottles.