Blooming Lace


Qualità: Satin

Christian Fischbacher only uses extra-long staple Supima cotton with the certified swiss+cotton mark of excellence for its SATIN bed linen. The yarn is woven into an extra fine cotton satin fabric using the coined “Swiss” setting, creating an exceptional, exclusive bed linen. The combination of the elegant yarn, the special weave and the finish lends it a truly unique, elegant sheen.


Available in standard European sizes and made to measure


A playful piece of lace from old pattern books in the Christian Fischbacher archives was the template for the BLOOMING LACE design. The motif has been reinterpreted as a high-quality, sophisticated white floral embroidered border, loosely based on the B56 LACE print design. The elegant lace motif is tone-on-tone, only visible by its lustre. BLOOMING LACE complements the Luxury Nights line with a classic design.


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