Benu Oscar


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100% Polyester FR


140 cm (B)


With BENU OSCAR, Christian Fischbacher succeeds in uniting sustainability with the most exacting aesthetic demands. Manufactured from recycled materials, the fabrics in the BENU RECYCLED collection are an expression of the innovative thinking that plays a key role in the overall process of developing collections at Christian Fischbacher: BENU OSCAR is a fabric derived from post-consumer recycled PET bottles. Discarded bottles are collected, ground up and melted down before being spun into polyester monofilament yarns. If we compare recycled to non-recycled polyester, we find that using re-cycled polyester saves 9/10 of the energy and 2/3 of the water required in production The fabric is flame-retardant due to the additive that becomes an integral part of the cloth. The recycling process does not lead to any loss of quality or durability.

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