Quality: Casual Percale

CF by Christian Fischbacher’s Casual Percale is not your average percale. A special wash and tumble finish was used to give this cotton bed linen a more natural and casual look and feel. This bed linen is easy-care, requiring no ironing whatsoever. In fact, we recommend washing and tumbling in a full machine so that the wrinkled look is enhanced.


Available in standard Swiss, Austrian, and German sizes.


QWERTY bed linen from the CF range is perfect for spending the next rainy Sunday morning in bed with a good book or your favourite magazine. Alternatively, you could discover your own poetic streak and write a few lines! The QWERTY design is a graphic, subtle print featuring letters on Casual Percale. The lines of typewritten letters are joined together like ribbons, giving the print an understated retro look with poetic charm. The name QWERTY refers to the British/American keyboard layout and stands for the first six keys in the top row of letters.


This bed linen is machine washable at 60 degrees. It is easy-care and iron free. Try enhancing the wrinkled look by washing and tumbling the sheets in full machines, with as much other textiles as possible.

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