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Quality: Casual Percale

CF by Christian Fischbacher’s Casual Percale is not your average percale. A special wash and tumble finish was used to give this cotton bed linen a more natural and casual look and feel. This bed linen is easy-care, requiring no ironing whatsoever. In fact, we recommend washing and tumbling in a full machine so that the wrinkled look is enhanced.


Available in standard Swiss, Austrian, and German sizes.


As light and carefree as a summer breeze: BLIND DATE bed linen from CF is made from easy-care Casual Percale and represents a sporty lifestyle. Modern decorative edging in a contrasting thread sets off the solid bed linen, which comes in the soft pastel colours Rose Water and Silver Moon. Combined with a pale flap in white Sea Salt at the top of the duvet cover and on the side of the pillowcase for a fresh, graphic accent.


This bed linen is machine washable at 60 degrees. It is easy-care and iron free. Try enhancing the wrinkled look by washing and tumbling the sheets in full machines, with as much other textiles as possible.

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