Vis à Vis



Our rugs are hand tufted from the finest linen, which is made from flax, a sturdy fiber that has anti-allergenic and anti-bacterial properties. Acting as temperature regulators, linen rugs absorb 20% of their weight in moisture and readily release it into the air, giving these rugs a cool, dry feel.

Pile Height

8 mm


Combine from 64 shades of linen quality colours, create your own design.


Custom made in all rectangular sizes


The combination of wool and linen materials in Vis à Vis give it a high-contrast look and feel from silky smooth to coarse and matte. A labour-intensive technique was used to create the dégradé, made of 19 shades of colour. For a subtle effect, combine harmonious colours. For a bolder look, mix more contrasting colours.


We recommend vacuum cleaning once a week and dry clean every 2-3 years.


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