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Our rugs are hand tufted from the finest linen, which is made from flax, a sturdy fiber that has anti-allergenic and anti-bacterial properties. Acting as temperature regulators, linen rugs absorb 20% of their weight in moisture and readily release it into the air, giving these rugs a cool, dry feel.

Pile Height

13 mm loop pile, 13 mm cut pile


Custom made in all rectangular and square sizes only


Irregular hand-drawn lines in combination with a linen pile give our carpet design Norderland its natural character. The hand-tufted pattern is created by the many nuances of colour formed by the differing structures of the pile and the loops. Inspired by classical ornamentations of great Persian carpets, Persica presents a modern interpretation on linen quality. Delicate abstract lines recall a rich history and – with an extraordinary combination of material and design – make a new and original statement.

Combine from 128 colours, create your own design.


We recommend vacuum cleaning once a week and dry clean every 2-3 years.


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