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Natural Wovens casually blends linen, viscose, cotton, polyester and rayon materials. A new weaving technique is used, in which the yarn is spun into a soft and shiny melange that causes the carpet to look tufted, even though it is woven, thereby creating a distinctive vintage look. The carpets in Natural Wovens are custom made in all rectangular shapes and are lined with our exclusive Christian Fischbacher logo printed felt carpet backing. Our backing is flame-retardant.

Pile Height

9 mm cut pile ground, 12 mm cut pile design


Natural Wovens is available in 36 mostly neutral colours inspired by nature. A few lively colours make for great accents when combined with the calmer hues.


Custom made in all rectangular sizes


Christian Fischbacher’s carpet, Classico is a classic all-over design that resembles antique wallpaper or a flaking fresco. The effect is due to an innovative weaving technique in which the yarn is first woven to create the carpet and then the design is tufted on top. This gives the carpet Classico its fluffy surface. The carpet is custom made in all rectangular sizes.


We recommend vacuum cleaning once a week and dry clean every 2-3 years.


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