Satin Perfection


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Quality: Satin

The heart and soul of the Christian Fischbacher bed linen collection, our Satin, made in Switzerland, is what we do best. Characterized by its delicate sheen and soft, silky feel, it is the base-cloth for much of our creative prints and popular designs.


Available in standard European sizes and made to measure


SATIN PERFECTION offers the ultimate graphic interplay of colours and expert craftsmanship: two stand-up seams, each trimmed with fine cord, come together to create a double border. The two-tone combination of appliqué details, a double stand-up seam and very delicate, sewn-in cord presents a technical challenge during manufacture. The result is a masterpiece of craftsmanship which refines rooms. SATIN PERFECTION is made to measure using 105 satin in swiss+cotton quality. Customers can choose the two colours they want from a range of eight satin shades.


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