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Available in 24 colours.

Quality: Jersey

Our Jersey quality is the definition of warmth and cosiness. The elastic knitted fabric has a cashmere-like touch. It is iron-free and years of washing will not cause it to pill, making it an exceptionally long-lasting jersey.


Available in standard European sizes and made to measure


Jersey Ambassador 902 is a Single Jersey of the highest quality, 100% produced in Switzerland. We exclusively produce our knitwear in cotton, without the addition of man-made yarns. Our jersey is very finely made on a round-knitting machine: the final weight is only 140g per square metre. We exclusively use Swiss twisted yarn, which makes for the knitwear’s stability and beauty. After knitting, the product is treated in an alkaline solution, a complicated finish similar to mercerisation. This increases the beautiful shine of the fabric and the brilliance of the colours. In order to maintain our expectations of quality, the fabric is knitted, dyed and finished at our Swiss partners with whom we have worked for many decades. Our Jersey Ambassador 902 is easy care and does not need to be ironed.


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