Hitzefrei Towel


Quality: Dreampure

Luxurious and fluffy, Dreampure is a lightweight towel (400g per m2) that is exceptionally absorbent and soft. Made in Switzerland.


80 x 150 cm


The HITZEFREI velour bath towel is made from Dreampure terry fabric with a weight of 400 g/m2. It measures 80 × 150 cm. This velour features a voluminous loop on the rear side and is exceptionally soft to the touch. The front has a white ground and is clipped, allowing complex designs like HITZEFREI to be printed digitally, just like on a piece of paper. The HITZEFREI was created and drawn by the design team especially for the bath towel.


Wash separately at 60° C. Cut any snagged loops off with a scissor.

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