Graceful Italy

Graceful Italy

Collezione Italia

The Collezione Italia collection boasts a variety of unique designs with matching colours that can be beautifully combined and coordinated together to create a personalized look.

This rich collection combines a variety of wonderful fabrics inspired by traditional textiles of Italy and beyond. Easy-to-use plains are coordinated with bold, large-size patterns that are realized in a range of qualities, from jacquard, to embroidery, clip-corded lace, and even printed linen.

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Italian Craftsmanship - Jolie

Italian Craftsmanship

The floral pattern in the fabric Jolie uses a traditional manual dyeing technique, called a “maltinto” in Italian. Produced by an experienced family-run company in Italy, the colour of the fabric differs from dye to dye, resulting in slightly different colours each time.

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Printed Linen with a Story - Affresco

Printed Linen with a Story

Affresco is a printed linen in double-width that has been woven on a special micro-gauze linen/polyester blend warp that has a very light hand and a wonderfully flowing drape. The print was inspired from the setting of a Christian Fischbacher photograph. Our photographs are often shot in old Italian palazzos full of patina walls. We took the photo of the fresco and mimicked it using a sophisticated digital printing technique, where only the polyester warp is printed on, giving the print a blurry out-of-focus effect and a softer look.

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Scottish Lace Reinterpreted - Linen Madras

Scottish Lace Reinterpreted
Linen Madras

Linen Madras is inspired by Madras lace fabrics, which were woven in Scotland during the 19th century. An elaborate clip-cord technique in which the yarns are purposefully cut long, gives this traditional fabric a contemporary touch. Similar to the original Madras from Scotland, Linen Madras has a width of 200 cm.

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Happy is a wonderful large-size pattern embroidered on 100% linen ground. As its name suggests, it’s a happy romantic fabric, an eye-catcher with personality. Seven colours of yarns are used for the embroidery, surrounded by a monochromatic fine cord.

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Royal visions - Versailles

Royal visions

The large size pattern in Versailles is produced using a special technique. Two farbcis are placed on top of each other, one being heavier and the other sheer. They are then embroidered together at the same time. Afterwards the heavier fabric is cut using a laser cutter following an ornamental pattern design.

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Rococo & Stucco

Rococo & Stucco

The fabric, Rococo is a cotton devoré in double-width that is reminiscent of the classic Rococo style. The Rococo style from the 18th century stands out for elegance, richness in ornaments, floral designs and a common usage of light colours.


Rococo is combined with our merino wool carpet Stucco. The carpet Stucco is inspired by the centuries-old tradition of decorating walls and ceilings with sculptural forms. With this carpet design, we re-interpret this tradition onto a woven carpet, thus bringing the stucco to the floor for the very first time. The three-dimensional ornamental design is cut into the soft merino wool material. Christian Fischbacher’s carpet Stucco is custom-made in rectangular and round shapes.

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